Possini Chandelier Guide

If your looking for amazing classic chandelier forms with a modern twist, a possini chandelier would be an ideal choice for your next remodel or upgrade to living space or office! Many of the designs feature amazing nickel finishes, elegant flower designs, modern lights designs and even lamp matching!

There are many great lighting designs and chandeliers available today that are sure to add elegance and luxury to your home or workplace. We’ve gathered information from all the popular websites to help you make the most of the all the popular possini chandeliers on the market.

Below are the best selling chandeliers on the internet today:

Possini Euro Design White Flower Pendant Chandelier

Possini Lighting

This white flower pendant design is great for any home or office. The white finish and contemporary design make it a great addition to any front room or waiting area. It’s lightweight high quality plastic construction makes it easy to install, there is no assembly required. This chandelier only requires one 100 watt bulb to light up. It measures 25 1/4″ wide. 25 3/4″ high. It has a 10 foot wire to give you plenty of options on how high or low you would want it to hang in your room.


Possini Euro Deco Nickel 20″ Wide Pendant Light

Possini Pendant Light


Because of It’s amazing design and popularity this fabulous chandler was featured in “Women’s Day” magazine. It gets its stylish looks and designs from the Deco Nickel Collection. These Art Deco inspired chandeliers design features strong profiles, and lines perfect for that sleek modern look. The many bands of brushed nickel paired with alabaster glass makes this a wonderful look in kitchens and bathrooms. This possini┬áchandelier is a great addition to any home or place of business!

Possini Euro Design Brushed Steel and Opal Glass Chandelier

Possini Chandelier


This beautiful design separates itself from the many modern designs of today. The elegant and contemporary style creates a beautiful atmosphere and environment for any dinning room, kitchen, or reading area. The design includes a sleek nine light, single-tier wrapped around a brushed steel finish ideal for any modern room. The frosted opal glass tube creates a peaceful and inviting lighting mood.

Possini Euro Frosted White Glass 5-Light Chandelier

Possini Chandelier

This chandeliers design includes gently curved center rods that accent out into a 5 light encompass. The modern look of the silver/aluminum coloring make this a great addition to most rooms, often used as a centerpiece or accent piece. The shallow cylinder shapes of frosted glass created a diffuseness of light, that makes the light soft and gentle. A great addition to any dining room or reading area.

Possini Euro Planetarium Energy Saving Pendant Chandelier


Possini Chandelier

This unique design and energy efficient light is what has made it so popular with many interior decorators and re-modelers. It’s expressive large chandelier design features a wide disc shaped shade. Because of the CFL light bulbs used with this light it keeps the energy costs down and is better for the environment. The retro-contemporary design features brushed nickel on its canopy and accents. The beautiful ivory white color uses four lights within the shade to make this light perfect for any room with wide counters or dinning.

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