Possini The Definite Style.


If you are planning on making a major home improvement project in the very near future using the right lighting fixtures for your house is a must. Where to start then? Judging from how previous satisfied customers have react and are continually buying Possini lighting fixtures there must be something special that makes this European brand an attractive prospect for the average home owner. This is quite true if you are concern about using lighting fixtures that are timeless, functional and out of the ordinary in terms of designs. You can say that Possini has made it a point to create something artistically unique to captivate its faithful followers.

If you are the artistic type of person who loves whimsical things, Possini offers such out of this world design as its Euro Design Dandelion Chandelier. How would you like seeing a wire ball suspended in mid air bound together with a sturdy chrome finished base that lights up with tiny light bulbs? Possini knows that there are times when these bulbs may need replacing and has included instructions on how to part the zig-zag wires without destroying the lamps. Quite an ingenious idea! They have also included a 10 feet adjustable wire and cord just in case you might need it.

The internet has never mention which Possini has initiated the beginning of these lighting fixtures that people the possiniworld over has admired for ages. From the bizarre to the simple kinds of lamps and lighting fixtures, Possini has been one of the forerunners of European designer lights.

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Here are some of the inspired shapes that Possini has thought of:

– White Flower. How would you like to see it hanging from your ceiling in the form of a chandelier or a shade table lamp?

– Leaves. If Possini have used flowers as their inspiration for floral like designs they have not neglected to think about designing a chandelier with natures colors

– Lily-pad. An impressive light that hangs like multitude sizes of mini white globes

– Dandelions. These piece reminds you of your younger years when blowing a dandelion and seeing it scattered in the wind seems a playful and fun thing to do

– Rainfall. Taking the idea of seeing how the rainfalls gently down. Possini has created their own interpretation of how it looks when it hangs down your ceiling

– Bubbles. Who would think that bubbles can look so grand when they inspire droplet globe shapes from a centerpiece?

– Galaxy of Stars. Impressive collection of ceiling lights that swirl like stars rotating around the axis of a planet. It is quite a joy to behold such beauty!


– Lantern that resembles a disco ball. See these crystals light up your ceiling. Reminds you of famous movies like “Saturday Night Fever”

– Wide Icicle. Instead of feeling the cold, this Possini lamp offers you warmth and art merge into one design. Designers would get a blast out of this lamp since it looks like a cross between icicle and a weeping willow

Finally, credit goes to Possini for conceptualizing designs that are stylish but does not cost as good as it looks. They went one step ahead of their competitors by continually producing lamps and fixtures which one can only see in nature and the environment that surrounds us. Such ingenious minds who design the Possini lamp collection have taken their inspiration from things we often admire when we take a walk in the park or in the garden. By richly incorporating these designs they have manage to take the outside view inside the home or office.